What courses are available?

This year we are planning to bring back all the courses! Well almost all. Here is the lowdown. 

    1. NEW 40km Mystery Ride on Saturday 26th March
    2. Dirty130 on Sunday 27th March
    3. 100km on Sunday 27th March
    4. Filthy 50 on Sunday 27th March
    5. 30km on 27th March
    6. 10km on 27th March
How many Dirty130 riders will there be?

D130 will be capped at 1000. The whole event will be capped at 3000 riders/non-riders to meet NSW COVID regs. 

Will there be rider bags and merch?

In order to remain agile, we are not planning on having rider bags at this point. However, we are thinking of doing some merch! Stay tuned.

What happens if the event is cancelled due to COVID?

Fingers crossed this doesn't happen again like 2020 or postponed like 2021.  If it does, we'll automatically transfer entries to the next event and give all riders the option to receive a 100% refund of their entry (minus a small booking fee). 

Will there be a festival?

Yep! And we will be bringing all the vibes. 

Make sure you read about Festival Registration below, as there has been a slight change for non-riders and they will need to be registered and have a ticket for the festival to gain access.

Riders, festival entry is included in your ticket price. Just make sure you are wearing your wristband to gain access. 

What bike can I ride?

We have had MTB, roadies, CX, e-bikes, fixies (for real), penny farthing, tandem, recumbent . . . . totally your call what you choose to ride.


All the deets on festival rego

Obviously the world has changed and continues to change. There is no doubt the event will be a bit different. Still awesome, but different. 

One big change for 2022 is the registration of festival goers / non-riders. If you or a family member are keen to come to the festival (but are not riding), you will need to register online (before they sell out). This applies to adults and kids. This year, if you do not get an entry online (as a non-rider), you will not be able to enter the festival. Numbers are limited to 3,000 (we normally get 5,000+ so get in early).  We do not expect there to be any entries available on the day.

  • All riders get free festival entry as part of their ticket price
  • All non-riders must register online this year