What courses are available?

This year we are planning to run only two courses.

  1. The Dirty130 on the Sunday 4th Oct
  2. A short community ride (about 10km) the day before for all fitness levels. Details TBA for this one (closer to the event) but plans are along the river with local treats available on route.

Why no other rides? Limiting the rides is an important step to ensure we can help keep the community safe and allow us to proceed with potential restrictions that may be in place in October. So if you were planning on riding the 115km, Filthy50, 50km, or 30km, it might be time to put on your gravel tyres and up the training. 5 months is plenty of time! Otherwise you can kick back for a cruisy ride along the river on a shared cycling/walking track on the Saturday, if that’s more your thing for you or the rest of the family.

Why those two rides? The Dirty130 is our flagship ride and already has almost 800 entries (no brainer). We'd also like to run a shorter community centric ride that will hero some local produce and be a much needed event for our community.


How many Dirty130 riders will there be?

We’re capping Dirty130 entries at 1000 riders for our first release (phase 1) of entries.

What if I miss out on a Dirty130 entry in phase 1?
We intend to release more entries closer to the event if COVID restrictions are in our favour. We will create a wait list for phase 2 release. These will be released on a first come first served basis. Note: Phase 2 release is subject to community health restrictions and not a sure thing.


Will there be a festival?

The post-ride festival is getting a makeover as we really don't know what will be permitted by the time the event rolls around. It will be different than previous years, but we’re coming up with ideas to make it the awesome post-ride experience that riders trust us to deliver. It’s a big part of our event and something our creative minds are focused on at the moment. Our #1 criteria for everything at our event is always coming up with ideas we (as riders) would love to see in an event ourselves. Our post-ride format and details will be released closer to the date as we have more info around restrictions. Right now we’re coming up with a few great options.


Will it run?

We’re being both responsible and creative in our planning and are covering as many bases as we can. This gives us confidence that we can not only make it happen, but can make it fun. Goes without saying that if the world turns upside down with a new virus wave later in the year, then we could all be bunkering down cooking experimental sourdoughs again. Fingers crossed we all do our bit and we keep that curve flat!


Will there be rider bags and merch?

In order to remain agile, we are not planning on having rider bags or merch at this point. This move gives us the best chance of pulling off something special for riders and expect them to return next year.


I signed up to the Dirty130 pre-COVID and expected it to be exactly the same as last year?

Obviously the world has changed. This year will be different but as cyclists ourselves, we genuinely believe it’s a year you don’t want to miss! No questions asked if you want a refund. We expect to have a lot on our Dirty130 waiting list that will be happy to grab your entry.