The weekend offers a combination of rides catering for all age groups, distances, energy levels and cycling levels. All roads lead to the craft beer festival.  

wiradjuri welcome 

// 40km of mixed surfaces (aka Mystery Ride)
Date: Saturday, 30th September 2023
Time: 1030am
Cost: $60

Ngiyanhi gawaymbanha Wagga Wagga-gu, Wiradyuri-gu ngurambang-gu. Nginha bala ngiyanhigin. guna balugirbang-gu garray. Ngurambang wiradyuri-gu mayiny-gu. 

Welcome to Wagga Wagga, Wiradjuri country, the land of our ancestors, home of the Wiradjuri people.

The Wiradjuri Welcome is the Saturday warm up before rider rego and the AFL Grand Final on the big screen in the park. Don't be fooled though – this one has some steep hills. Expect mixed surfaces – a combination of bike paths, tunnels, road and gravel, some scenic river views, and a hectic incline that will have you off the saddle and pushing.

We reckon this course suitable for riders of intermediate level and can be completed on mountain bikes (recommended), or gravel bikes. You must be self-sufficient and proficient at changing tyres should the need arise.

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dirty 130

// Gravel ride through farms, on course beers, and 130kms of fun
Date: Sunday, 1st October 2023
Time: 7am
Cost: $140

So much awaits the course veterans and unassuming newbies. We are doing a bit of a switcheroo this year. It's backwards and some new sections thrown in.

The picturesque and challenging course in October 2022 saw more gravel, a bit more climbing, more on-farm trails through private property and one absolute cracker of a canola field. It is a given that the infamous Dead Camel Lane (the wildest gravel sector on course) featured and will again leaving an impact on your butt and rubber.

It all ends with a roll back home on the black stuff and a pit stop at the Thirsty Crow Brewery less than 1km out from the finish line (look for free beer signs!).

Then, you are back at the festival chillin' to tunes with a cold brew in hand.

Please note, the Dirty130 goes through private property. Please don't ride this course before the day – we want our awesome farmers to continue letting us experience their properties in future years.

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sic 60

// Gravel ride (aka Filthy50)
Date: Sunday, 1st October 2023
Time: 830am
Cost: $70

In a nutshell, the Sic60 is a top, enjoyable ride that has its challenges, with some little pinchy climbs on rural sealed and un-sealed roads.  Be warned though, it's a good gravel hit out that typically leaves riders with an appetite to take on the Dirty130 in future years. Formerly known as the Filthy50, we've extended it to 60kms for some added fun this year.

The Sic 60km course is suitable for riders of intermediate level and can be completed on mountain bikes, road bikes or gravel bikes. You must be self-sufficient and proficient at changing tyres should the need arise.

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roadie 115

// 115km sealed road
Date: Sunday 1st October 2023
Time: 8am
Cost: $100

The course has a number of challenges, including Malebo Hill. You will ride 115kms of sealed road through some of the best farming country in the Riverina, visiting the rural towns of Coolamon and Marrar. Be sure to stop and chill at our pit stop in Coolamon, taste the homemade anzac biscuits and make some friends.

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roadie 30

// 30km sealed road
Date: Sunday, 1st October 2023
Time: 930am
Cost: $60

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river 10

// 10km ride to the Strawberry farm along shared paths
Date: Sunday 1st October 2023
Time: 10am
Cost: $20

This short ride follows the scenic Wiradjuri Walking / Cycle Track and heads out to the Marrambidya Wetland, before returning back to the festival through a strawberry farm. The vast majority of this ride is on walking tracks with only a small section on open road.  Young children should be accompanied by an adult to safely navigate the short section of public road.

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