Filthy 50


2019 route details will be announced soon and as always are subject to change (we try and make them more awesome each year!)

Start Time: 8.30am
Cost: $70

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The Filthy 50km course is suitable for riders of intermediate level and can be completed on Mountain bikes, Road bikes or Cyclo Cross bikes. You must be self-sufficient and proficient at changing tyres should the need arise.

Marshalls, signage, water and some mechanical assistance will be provided en route.

The ride begins at the Victory Memorial Gardens at the head of Baylis Street.

A police escort will take riders down Fitzmaurice Street, over the Murrumbidgee River and out through North Wagga.



This course takes in some breathtaking scenery as it passes wheat, canola and maize fields.

Note the course direction is reversed from last year.  We encourage riders to download course files to a GPS device, and follow on-course signage and directions from marshals.

In a nutshell, the Filthy50 is a very enjoyable ride that has its challenges, with some little pitchy climbs on rural sealed and un-sealed roads.  Be warned though, it's a good gravel hit out that typically leaves riders with an appetite to take on the Dirty130 in future years.

Enjoy the festival at the end, you will have earned it.


Suitable for Road, Mountain or Cyclo cross bikes.

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