Dirty 130

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Start Time: TBA
Cost: $150 ($130 early-bird) – SOLD OUT
Distance: 130km
Elevation: TBA
Gravel: TBA
Limit: 1000 riders

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THE RIDE (2019)  – 2020 coming soon!

The Dirty 130 - the ride everyone is talking about.  The 2019 ride, capped at 1000 riders, depared from the Victory Memorial Gardens, and headed into the northern hills of Wagga Wagga. Picturesque, challenging and unique gravel sectors await riders, as well as a jaunt through the rolling Coursing Park hills.  At the 81km mark riders will hit the infamous Dead Camel Lane (the wildest gravel sector on course).  Survive the gravel of Dead Camel and you'll get the chance to relax and enjoy a scenic stint surrounded by rural farmland.  Finally you'll roll through the local university, and lap up the downhill roll on the black stuff all the way back to the craft beer festival (at the finish line).



  • Approximately 130km of challenging rural riding
  • Multiple ‘Dirt Sectors’, each rated and named
  • Fully signed and mapped route
  • Water and fuel on course
  • On course support by Motorcycle and Sag Wagon


2019 saw more gravel, a tiny bit more climbing, some on-farm trails (through private property) and even more fun. Stay tuned for what 2020 will bring!



    We often see cyclists riding road bikes fitted with the widest tyre compatible with their frame (eg 25/28mm+).  Gravel/cyclocross bikes are however becoming increasingly popular and ideal for the route.  Mountain bikes also seen in small numbers.  Whatever you ride just take it fun a spin on some good gravel to make sure you're comfortable.

    Not sure if you should ride your road bike on dirt? Read this great article - http://theclimbingcyclist.com/why-you-should-ride-your-road-bike-on-unsealed-roads/


    Download files for your GPS device (2019 map)